About the foundation

We have been dealing with sports injuries ever since we were students. Over the years, we have witnessed heartbreak, but also many very positive experiences and comebacks from our patients. Along the way, we have learned that success can only be achieved through teamwork between doctors, therapists, nursing staff and trainers. Most importantly, we recognised early on that scientific evaluation of our activities is essential in order to continuously improve medical quality. For years, we have supported medical research and built up structures that enable objective quality control of our actions. This has led to the development of new treatment options and surgical techniques. High-quality research requires not only enthusiasm on the part of those involved, but above all a solid, long-term financial basis. Our research activities are entirely privately financed. Some funds are sourced from our operating revenues while a portion of research funding comes from various professional societies and funding bodies.

We are confident that you as a patient will benefit (or perhaps already have benefited) from these scientific initiatives. We would therefore be extremely pleased should you choose to join us by supporting our philosophy. Every donation helps us to pursue our long-term projects.

The founders

Christian Fink / MD, Prof.

Specialist in Trauma Surgery and Orthopaedic
Sports Medicine

Dr. Fink is one of the most renowned international knee specialists and is in demand as a lecturer around the world.

Christian Hoser / MD, PD.

Specialist in Trauma Surgery and Orthopaedic
Sports Medicine

Dr. Hoser’s main areas of expertise are joint surgery and arthroscopic procedures as well as the treatment of tendon injuries.

Reinhard Huber / MS, PT

Physiotherapist and Sports Scientist

In addition to years of top-level sports coaching, Mag. Huber is particularly involved in injury prevention in children’s and youth sports.

The Mission

The Orthopaedic Sports Medicine and Injury Prevention (OSMI) Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting musculoskeletal health by supporting musculoskeletal research and education. Our aim is to generate and disseminate new findings for the prevention and therapy of orthopaedic and muscular diseases.

Our vision

The OSMI is dedicated to becoming a leading organisation for research/education in the prevention of and recovery from acute musculoskeletal injuries and chronic conditions.

Fields of activity

To achieve its goals, the OSMI raises and distributes funds to support cutting-edge medical and scientific research on the musculoskeletal system, patient education programmes, as well as further education and training for physicians, therapists and other health professionals. While OSMI generally addresses issues related to musculoskeletal health, it focuses specifically on:

Injuries and overuse syndromes
of the large joints

Injuries and overuse syndromes
of the muscles and tendons

of the large joints

Fields of activity

Through its involvement in the above areas, OSMI promotes better understanding of the pathogenesis of injuries and overuse syndromes, the development and evaluation of primary and secondary prevention interventions, the optimization of conservative and surgical treatment approaches and the building of health literacy amongst patients and the general public.

Special attention is paid to children and adolescents, as well as the elderly, for whom the prevention of injuries and the maintenance of mobility are paramount.

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