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OSMI’s activities include cutting-edge medical and scientific research on the musculoskeletal system, patient education programs, and further education and training for physicians, therapists, and other health professionals. OSMI generally addresses issues related to injury prevention and rehabilitation, and its endeavors are divided into the following three pillars:


Prevention Programs

With this initiative, our goal is to partner with and support key European initiatives for injury prevention, including PAMI (Paediatric ACL Monitoring Initiative). The aim is to reduce the number of injuries through suitable prevention programs and to improve the treatment results in the event of an injury.


Safe Return to Sport

All patients face the question after an injury and its treatment, "When can I resume my normal activities?" Activities vary from patient to patient and range from recreational to professional sports in various disciplines.


Inspiring Comebacks

Recovering from an injury is not only challenging physically but also psychologically. Inspiration and motivation play key roles in coming back strong and healthy. Through our ambassador program, we nurture connections that support and motivate young athletes.

Through its involvement in the above areas, OSMI promotes a better understanding of the pathogenesis of injuries and overuse syndromes, the development and evaluation of primary and secondary prevention interventions, the optimization of conservative and surgical treatment approaches, and the building of health literacy amongst patients and the general public. 
Special attention is paid to children and adolescents, as well as the elderly, for whom the prevention of injuries and the maintenance of mobility are paramount.

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